Submitted by Rui Martins, posted on 03 January 2005

Image Description, by Rui Martins

These are images from "Magnetic Fields", a Puzzle/Action game I'm developing in my spare time.

The Game Concept revolves around basic "Electro" Magnetic Principles, hence the name. However, I'm inclined to change it, since Magnetic Fields was the name of a Software Publisher from the times of the Sinclair Spectrum, which I believe are still active, although there site seems to be down at the moment. Suggestions for a catchy name are welcome.

Magnetism has a few interesting properties:
  • At least two poles are required for interaction to occur.
  • Magnetism Power fades exponentially with distance.
  • Similar signed (+/+ or -/-) poles repel each other
  • Opposite signed (+/-) poles attract each other.
  • These properties are the basis of game play in this game.

    Game Play: Each level is composed of particles (poles), goals(objectives) and Energy.
  • Particles can have, transfer and receive energy(charge).
  • Goals are the level objectives and have particles as completion targets.
  • Energy is available on each level to change the Particles Charge.
  • Your mission is to place the targeted particles in their objectives (goals), using the available energy to influence their properties and indirectly their dynamic physical behaviour. To finish a level, you have to complete all the goals. A goal is considered complete as soon as its targeted particle touches it.

    Positive and negative Energy(Charge) are color coded, RED and BLUE (CYAN) respectively.

    The Game uses OpenGl(graphics), OpenAL(Audio) and GLUT (as OS abstraction layer).

    For the ones that don't read README files:
  • Use Cursor keys in Menus( mouse doesn't work there yet).
  • Yellow and Red arrows are a particles Speed and Net Force, respectivelly.
  • Goals are represented by Bluish round areas.
  • Hovering the mouse over any particle will seleect it automatically (green aura will appear).
  • Left and Right Mouse Buttons apply (zap) Energy into the currently selected particle.
  • Hovering the mouse over a Goal, shows the targeted particle (rotating blue star over it) by that specific Goal (if nothing is shown, any particle will complete it).
  • If you fail a level press "R" for "Retry/Reset".
  • First few levels (10) of the 22 available serve as a tutorial to get you up to speed in the game.

    TIP: Level Titles may give useful insight on level solution. Any comments on game play are very welcome.

    Download the Game here: http://RuiMartins.Net/software/download/

    NOTE: You need an OpenGL driver, OpenAL and GLUT. Unzip the following file inside "Magnetic" Folder if you don't have these files installed in your system (OpenGL is Not Included, Only OpenAL and GLUT). http://RuiMartins.Net/software/download/

    Final Note: This is an early Alpha Release of the Game, so bugs may creep up, and Debug messages are visible on the console window. For example, when game window is resized, Energy Bars aren't reset to the proper place (they may disappear or stay in the middle of the screen), "Retry/Reset" the Level will solve the problem.

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