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Red: Space Trucker was developed using the OpenGL, OpenAL, and ogg vorbis libraries in C/C++.

Our game is designed to run on pretty much any computer with a graphics card that supports OpenGL 1.1.

Red is all in 3d (except the backgrounds) with a fixed top-down view. We make heavy use of particle systems to add a variety of effects to the game, as well as randomly generating the levels as you play, which allows for an endless number of levels or playtime. All the rendering is done about as fast as can be managed under opengl 1.1, mostly sorting by state and draw order combined with display lists. For most computers, the limiting factor will be fill rate, due to the particle systems and blending done on some models. The game will try to dynamically adjust the density and duration of these when framerate is suffering.

The backgrounds and planets were generated using combinations of perlin noise and other functions. We can generate quite a variety of backdrops and planets, and 99% of them look good enough for use in game. We decided to generate the backdrops in advance because the time required to create them on slower computers would probably be a bit long (10 seconds or so per backdrop). It could easily be done by generating them after installing the game, but we wanted to avoid introducing any delays between getting the game and being able to play.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Ian Snyder

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