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EaseExport (3DSMax plugin)

I know a lot of coders who're looking for a free and professional exporter for 3DSMax. EaseExport has been released : it's a plugin based on the experience of years of development for 3DSMAX. Its keywords are : efficiency, easy-to-use, and free.

It fully supports SKIN and PHYSIQUE (character studio), and obviously exports all the classical things (meshes, textures, materials, animations, etc). And in the package, you can find a tutorial which explains you how to install and use it.

You can download it here :

EaseImport (Importer library)

In addition with EaseExport, a dynamic library has been released : EaseImport. It allows you to import all the scenes in your engine, with animation/skinning/textures/meshes/etc. Very easy to include in your project, it will take you 10 minutes to understand how it works.

You can download it here :

Try these two free products, I hope you will be seduced by their efficiency and simplicity.

Why are they free ? Just for fun :)

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