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This is a project I've been working on for the past four or so weeks (on and off), also known as "Yet another goddamn Perlin terrain implementation". It's basically a small hovercraft-like vehicle you can drive around a reasonably large terrain, and. that's it.

From a technical point of view, it has quadtree/frustum-culled terrain, particles and shadow volumes. It uses v2.0 pixel shaders for the sky and terrain so while it will run on a Geforce3 or above, it will look very strange if you don't have a recent Radeon or a GeForceFX.

The executable and sourcecode can be downloaded from my webspace at

I should say a big thank you to Tom Slezakowski for the textures, Si Brown for the use of his spring-based camera (stolen WITH permission :) ), and everyone in the flipcode IRC channel (especially dirtypunk, nuvem, psykotic and goltrpoat) for help, support, bug reports, and general abuse about my pixel shaders not working on their graphics hardware.

Comments are more than welcome (it's probably easiest to contact me in the IRC channel).


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