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These screenshots are from our game Intensity XS and its expansion Intensity XS: ReCharge, two retro-style 2D shoot'em'ups. The original Intensity XS was released last year, but we've just recently added Windows XP compatibility, hence the late post.

Our primary goal for these two games were to program games that (a) would be finished (!!!) and (b) were easy to learn and fun to play. As a result we ended up putting relatively little work into the game engine (there are no special effects such as alpha-blending) and more time and effort into the design of enemies and gameplay. Hopefully some of you will appreciate the simple gameplay, although we realize that it won't be everyone's cup of tea.

Intensity XS and ReCharge were both written in VC++ using DirectX-7. Graphics are primarily pre-rendered using POV-Ray, with some hand-drawn images added later. Sound Effects are from sound compilation CDs (mostly SoundIdeas), music is by ReFraction.

More info, and a demo of Intensity XS can be found at This is our first IOTD, so be kind <g>, but comments/criticisms are very welcome!


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