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If some of you are yet to implement texture compression in your OpenGL engines, here is something that may help you decide whether it is worth the effort. This project was created for evaluation of different texture compression methods exposed through OpenGL ARB & S3TC extensions. Besides displaying 5 different compression modes it also allows blending operations for alpha channel degradation comparison.

The app was tested on two systems:
  • C333, Win95, RivaTNT,
  • D850, WinMe, GeForce2MX.
  • RivaTNT does not support any compression extensions, therefore you'll get unsupported viewports everywhere but RAW. GeForce class card should be able to operate with both extensions.

    Feedback from Radeon and other WinOS users is appreciated.

    To keep the download small, I do not provide any textures besides those needed by the app itself. The ZIP file comes with the VC++6.0 project ready to compile, but be aware, the code is entirely procedural-based and quite a mess.

    Further information and download:

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