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This picture shows the latest version of the RealStorm Realtime Raytracing engine. Actually we are working on the RealStorm Global Illumination Bench 2005, which should be released in summer 2005.

The house part shows the actual engine at 640x360 (16:9) with a house scene created with CSG objects. It uses 8 volume lightsources. (You may notice the soft shadows). (The actual framerate of 6.52 fps was taken on my Athlon64 3400+, 512MB-333Mhz.)

The second part (bottom) of the picture shows our actual version of the realtime global illumination renderer. We have chosen a Cornell Box variation which is with global illumination on the left and without global illumination on the right.

In all scenes any object and any lightsource is movable/resizeable without losing performance (no precalculated tables, any table is calculated per frame to keep it realtime and flexible). The engine actually uses Monte Carlo raytracing to do the global illumination parts. We hope to get a little more performance soon ;-)

If you like, you may check where we just released a 15MB movie preview, of what will be in the benchmark.


Michael Piepgras (TTS)
Engine Programming

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