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Here are some screenshots from my St*rCraft like realtime strategy/action game called Executor.

Some features:
  • Supports SDL/OpenGL API
  • Realtime terrain tesslation (using Demeter Terrain Rendering Engine)
  • Huge maps, the area of the snow scene is about 420 kmē
  • Heightmap resolution in the snow scene is 2048x2048 vertices
  • Unique texture for the terrain with detail mapping
  • Long view distances (10 km in snow scene)
  • Particle Effect system with depth sorting and post-rendering
  • Possibility to use cubic interpolation with keyframe animations of models
  • Real proportions of units: Marines look like ants compared to battleships and buildings
  • The project is in early development stage and isn't very playable yet. As you can see, there is no any kind of sky or trees or stuff like that. There aren't very many units and the existing ones are missing many features but some basic movement and attacking algorithms work quite well already.

    The game is OpenSorce project under General Public License. The sources and datafiles can be downloaded from It currently runs under Linux systems.

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