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This is the result of my first foray into D3D Vertex Shaders. It's the regular D3DXTeapot, rendered with three projective textures. One is a rotating fan-like texture, one a static vent-like texture, the other is a moving texture (the DirectX 'X'). The inspiration for making this was the Doom3 video shown at MacWorld the other day. Code-side I spend some time setting up projection matrices for each of the spot lights, set a few vertex shader constants, and then just render the mesh 3 times with alpha blending. Texture coordinates are generated given the object-space coordinates, they're clamped to the texture boundaries, and the texture is also multiplied by N*L (N=Vertex Normal, L=Light Vector) to get a nice falloff on the edges.

The DX8 binary is here:

The code for the vertex shader is included. Pretty standard, and probably grossly inefficient in register usage (hey, it's the first assembly code I've written in years). Makes for a purty app tho.


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