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Wow yet another terrain engine!

Time to check off some features:
  • quadtree frustum culling
  • LOD using a sort of geomipmapping
  • detail texture and color texture based on height,slope etc.
  • water
  • model support
  • basic physics and some buggy rigid body dynamics
  • skybox w/ animated clouds
  • weird full 3d explosions
  • This is for mac only, and I'm not releasing the demo just because most of you couldn’t run it and its part of a game I and my team are developing...

    I felt like recording a short movie which is 10 mb because the mpeg compression screwed it up so its just .mov, its at 320*240 with 256 colors at 15 fps… terrible I know but I don’t know of any other way to capture movies at ok fps without spending lots of time coding a video record class. Anyways if you’re interested get it from here.

    The water was hard because the mac opengl drivers do not support cube-mapping as far as I know, so I had to improvise a bit to get it to reflect the skybox correctly. It does not reflect the landscape because since this is part of a game I don’t think the huge fps hit would be worth the minor visual improvement. It is a couple hundred polygons to allow texture distortion and ripples.

    The skybox is a normal skybox with another plane with a scrolling cloud texture.

    The explosions are made up of several spheres with distorted vertices and texture coordinates, which slowly fade away. Of course they’re not at their final state yet, I just started working on them yesterday.

    If you’re wondering about fps I usually get around 30 or 40 or so at 1600*1200 resolution on my geforce 3, it would probably be a lot higher if nvidia ever released decent mac drivers…

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