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I have been working on a Project called WebTracer for a while now. It's a standalone app that maps the hyperlinks of a website and creates a corresponding 3d structure, which can then be navigated and used to launch browsers for looking at specific pages.

The application has no definite destination and is at present a not-for-profit project of my work at (See the website for further description of the project.)

The app needs a win95/8/2000 platform and DirectX installed, so If anyone is running such a setup (graphics acceleration is really essential, machines without 3d cards tend to really crawl with the app) Could they let me know if they are interested in running a beta version and letting me know the bugs e.t.c Also any ideas about who would make good test sites e.t.c.

I will be keeping a bug/fix list on my site as the project reaches it's final stages. A download of the beta version is available at the following address.

If anyone wants to know more you can contact me at

Tom Betts

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