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AnarchyChess, my first project made with OpenGL. I made this game as simple as possible because it was mainly a learning project, both for OpenGL and networking. One of the things i cut out was a AI player, another thing were the rules...

But who needs rules anyway? I see alot of advantages in not having a system that limits your movements. First of all, it feels more natural to pick up a piece and move it, not just click here and then click there. Second, it looks better IMO. Lastly, you can play more games than normal chess on a chessboard. AnarchyChess might just work for those too.

Anyway, enough ranting, here's the features:
  • Nice grapics (programmer-art anyway :P )
  • Play network or hotseat
  • Ability to add and delete pieces
  • Save and load capability
  • MP3 player (if winamp/whatever isn't good enough for you :) )
  • Since it's not extremely optimized, you'll need a pretty fast computer for it. I get about 30 fps on a 1.0GHz GeForce 2.

    Get it from my page:
    Feedback is extremely welcome!


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