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This is an engine ive been working on for the past couple of weeks. It features mainly per pixel lighting: diffuse bump and specular bump, with distance attenuation. Every light also has a cube map projection texture associated with it to do other cool special effecs like spot lights. There are still bugs with the engine and lots of things to fix and implement. Ive also only implemented the NV15 codepath, the other codepaths will come as soon as i get the hardware, ive only got a gf2MX ;) (i cant wait till i find the money to get a 9800 pro 256 ddr2) heh.

The engine is also fully controlled via scripting with LUA (the best scripting language around).

This makes it pretty flexable...

Other than that theres not much too it... Still in early early development, and it needs a lot of cleaning because the code is getting pretty dirty.

Oh yes... If anyone wants to make a nice model of a human face for me, for free ;) they are more than welcome. It needs to have wrinkles in the skunk and also skin pores, quite detailed, and good quality. I would like the extra surface detail in a normal map as well ;) and the mesh itself to be about 500-1000 polygons. Hair doesent matter, he can be bald. Textures also required, with a specular reflection/gloss map ;) Well, email me at if you feel like helping out :>

Thats all i guess...

-Luke (fries) Mamacos

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