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This is my first posting on flipcode for an Image Of The Day. This picture is my contribution and shows some screenshots taken from a 3d demo realised in Java. It uses my own engine called OZOS Web that actually fits into less than 40kb. My first motivation was the fact that Java was and is still not really exploited on the Web. Ofcourse, they are some beautiful offline demonstrations, but they are quite heavy and use in general only software routines. From this point, I've decided to focus only on speed and be able to animate 3d meshes on the Web with a good frame rate even in a 1024x768x24 bits screen browser. Ofcourse, I had to make some compromises because Java applet is not really as powerful as the C++ / DirectX duo (or OpenGL, whatever). The first and main interest of Java is that is plate-form independent (or is a plate-form as a wellknown person said) in the opposite of an ActiveX. So finally, I'm quite happy of the result and to be able to increase the interest of a Web site just by adding some logos in 3d, a head that welcome you, or a lot of things you can imagine, all with a code of just some tenth of kilo bytes (the engine also includes pure software routines, like bitmap tunnel, optimized transparency routines, mosaic effect, blurred images, etc..). Actually, I'm not sure to add features to OZOS Web because of the lake of time and especially to keep focused of the fact it must be light and adapted to the Web. You can watch the demo that uses this engine directly online at

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