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These are two images I created with a small raytracer I wrote for school. It can raytrace bezier curves directly, allowing it to render hair-like objects. The bezier-curve intersection method used is from "Ray Tracing for Curve Primitives" ( It transforms the curve into the coordinate system of the ray, where the ray direction is the z-axis. The curve is then subdivided in the XY plane and if it is sufficiently close to <0,0> it intersects the ray. The lighting model used is described in "Rendering fur with three dimensional textures" ( The hair was distributed on the brown guy (which is a triangle mesh) using the method in "Generating Textures on Arbitrary Surfaces Using Reaction-Diffusion" ( It uses point repulsion to distribute points uniformly over a triangle mesh. There are some tricks in there to approximate the geodesic distance between two points. I also created a small program to create the shape, distance, color and such for each hair.

More pictures, source code, documentation and examples can be found at (site in icelandic).

Arni Mar Jonsson

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