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Screenshots from my latest game JAWC beta 5.0. JAWC is a Worms clone. Actually Just Another Worms Clone, but with 3D graphics.

JAWC was my first OpenGL game ever and the first version (beta 1.0) was released over a year ago. All 3D models are made with Milk Shape 3D. Most textures are made with Paint Shop Pro 6 and others are collected from the internet.

  • Skeletal animation
  • Cel-shading
  • Multitexturing
  • 10 weapons: bazooka, grenade, cluster bomb, dynamite, missile, airstike, sheep, banana bomb, teleport and suicide.
  • Terrain generator
  • Frame rate independent trajectories are calculated using real physic equations.
  • JAWC can be downloaded from my homepage:

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