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This is a composite image that demonstrate the results of a subdivision surface technique I implemented. The particular technique is the Modified Butterfly as described by Denis Zorin (SIGGRAPH 1996). I'm doing this as part of an independent study course at Utah State University, as part of my Master's program.

I would liked to have included several stages of the subdivision in wireframe, but the wireframe captures didn't look very good, instead the composite image displays 1 wireframe model after 2 levels of subdivision, with the three remaining shaded images showing subdivision after 5 steps and a little over 30,000 triangles each.

A few technical notes...
  • Modified Butterfly Subdivision Technique
  • 8 original controls points define each of the surfaces in the image
  • STL significantly used to build the triangle/polygon mesh structure
  • OpenGL to render the triangles
  • Dean M.

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