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I am/was working on a game engine called 'Heylow'. It was originally intended to resemble the game HALO by Bungie software ( and I guess it still does.

It's a first person shooter, and it is terrain based, like HALO. It has 4 layered 3D texturing (rock, dirt, grass, and an optional detail texture) and supports the Half-Life mdl model format. It's got all the essentials, a skybox, particle system, entity system, etc.

At the moment, you run around on an island in the middle of an ocean, with map-objects like trees/rocks/grass blades or whatever, and shoot 'bad-guys' that are placed around the map. Your gun has a clip of ammo that needs to be reloaded whenever it runs out, etc. There are only two guns though. I was planning on putting a vehicle system in, but I am lazy and finish 2% of all my projects so it's a lost cause, really.

I have an older version uploaded somewhere. ICQ me if you want the link (I can't seem to locate the URL at the moment). 120943431.

I haven't touched this project in about a month, and before that, I had only been working on it for two weeks. I have only recently discovered flipcode, so I decided to submit these pics. Some of you may recognize the gun model from Counter-Strike (the P90), I just needed something to test it with. :)

This picture was too big for me to put fullsize onto flipcode, but you can see the fullsize version here.


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