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The picture shows some screenshots of the dynamic skysystem I developed for my degree dissertation. For this purpose I used the opensource 3D-engine Nebula2.


_visualisation of the following phenomenons:_
  • skycolor
  • sun/moon
  • clouds
  • stars
  • atmospheric perspective
  • _high versatility through:_
  • many mighty parameters
  • changeable textures
  • _simple configuration and control:_
  • script
  • editor
  • program interface
  • programmable course of day via simple state-objects
  • _expandability through modularity:_
  • add new objects via script
  • possibly assign a new shader
  • possibly add new rules to the sky-system
  • _low computation cost through:_
  • scaleable sky-resolution
  • alterable amount of cloud-layers
  • scaleable update-time
  • seperately activation of sky-elements
  • The computation of all phenomenons is done on the GPU. Only the interpolation of parameters from different states needs some CPU calculation. The clouds are a pure 2D-visualisation, so it is not possible to fly through them. The minimum requirement is shadermodel 2.0, as the amount of instructions ist too high for shadermodel 1.3.

    For more information, pictures, videos and a demo check my website

    Michael Gehling

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