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i submited the pic to show u a blockout game i'm trying to make...since a couple of months...

i'm using dx for input (and maybe sound in the future) and have a very lame render function... my first try was to compose the level of solid cubes, but now every time a block is dropped i'm building a list of quads to be drawn to create a solid shape of the current level....

it still get's slow when u look at it from downstairs (due to the high occlusion and the fact that everything depends on gl's depth test), but with the new algo the fps stays above 30

this is my first object oriented program, my first c++ program and my first ogl program... i've learned a lot in those months and many times when i read bout "the right approach" to sth it was often to late becouse i've already implemented a stupid (but my own ;))) solution...

(if u care to look at the source u'll rotfl of the "stos" class (in obroty.h) wich hold's every rotation the block has been through to prevent a gymbal lock)

(use the arrow keys, space and q,w,e to move and rotate, 1,2 to change levels and hold x to change the view)

big thanks to all of u and nehe (the vc workspace is still called lesson2)


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