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This is a screenshot of the editor to my gfx engine "Vision3". There is still a lot to be done, but the engine already features: -sector/portal visibillity using sectors and portals generated with a CSG based algorithm. I've never seen such an approach in any app, but i think this is a very innovative technique, as it generates really good portalization with nearly no processing time and not too much to care for by the artist.
  • an advanced high lvl CSG algorithm, which leads to damn fast rebuild times
  • damn fast rebuild times :)
  • a geometry optimizer caple of removing practically all unnecessary geometry splits introduced by CSG
  • collision detection using per sector BSPs and portals
  • lightmaps and vertexlighting
  • rendering using DirectX8
  • the nemesis of every MFC programmer: an editor with an UI which can actually handle resizing windows and dialogs! ("bla.Anchors := [ akLeft, akRight, akTop ]" ...) ;))
  • the next things i want to do are:
  • add support for external objects (like decoration, done in 3ds or something)
  • add more material features (or better: implement them :) )
  • improve the lighting system by adding more light types. (i'm very optimistic that you can fake equal or better looking results than most radiosity implementations feature with simple stuff like normal raytraced pointlights, ambient pointlights, "ambient directional pointlights (:))" and stuff like that ... and still have an acceptable rebuild time^^)
  • I'm kinda proud of the project, mainly because i've done it on my own. The ideas and algorithms for the CSG, geometry optimizing and portalizing were all 100% generated in my mind :) (although that doesnt necessarily have to mean that no one generated them before *g*). I've come farer than i expected...

    I just released the first "public" preview of my Editor to show off my tek a bit ;).

    The project homepage is at There you can find more infos, screenshots and - of course - the editor download (although the demo "level" still suffers from "programmers art" quite a bit... so if anyone would make something cool with it, i'd like to see^^).

    Gerald "cgk" Knizia

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