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Hi- my name is Uthman Apatira and this is a screenshot from my just completed tutorial titled “How to Create Your 3D Fighting Game in 7 Days.” Each day of the tutorial is a comprehensive walk through of each of the basic steps required in order to make a very basic but nonetheless, complete fighting game. The topics for each day are as follows:

Day One: Models & Bones
Day Two: Animations
Day Three: Model Loader Animations
Day Four: Assigning Movements to Keys and the Combo Buffer
Day Five: The CPU Opponent- Really fake A.I.
Day Six: Sounds and Music
Day Seven: Game Interface and Special Effects

Throughout the course of the tutorial, a novice programmer who is fluent with NeHe’s base code and OpenGL will go pro by learning the tricks of the trade behind character animations with Brett Porter’s PortaLib, DirectMusic and

DirectSound with Andre LaMothe’s T3DLIB3.H taken from him “Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus Vol#1” and finally, a touch of my own programming style to complete the series.

Every day of the tutorial comes with source and demo. The full tutorial (and soon to come whitepaper) can be downloaded from my website:

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