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The above picture shows a few models animated with Cal3D, a free skeletal-based character animation library I am developing in my spare-time. It will be used in the 3d clients for WorldForge, but its design is very general and flexible, so many other projects can benefit from it too.

Here is a list of the most interesting features:
  • Transformation of vertices and normals according to one or more weighted bones (no hardcoded limit).
  • Powerful animation system that allows seamless blending and mixing between different animation tracks.
  • Flexible material handling with unlimited materials and map-channels.
  • VIPM for level-of-detail that takes material borders into account.
  • Platform- and graphic API-independency. Written in "vanilla" C++ and STL.
  • Unified exporter framework to support different 3d modellers, currently working with 3d Studio MAX / Character Studio.
  • Released under a free license, source-code and all specifications are open.
  • A short description of the stuff you can see in the screenshot:
  • An animaton cycle of a segmented skeleton with rigid bone-assignments on the bottom.
  • A one-skin paladin with about 18 different materials and up to 5 influences per vertex on the top-left.
  • Tux doing some sort of hip-hop in the middle.
  • A high-poly model (~50'000 faces) that was used to test the LOD algorithms in the library on the top-right.
  • An animation system is hard to present with a screenshot, so I suggest you take a closer look at The Cally Demo which shows many features in an interactive way. It can be found on the project website with everything else, such as more screenshots, source-code, file-formats, message-board etc.

    That was my humble part, now I am eagerly awating your critical feedback ;)

    Bruno Heidelberger

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