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This is a combination of yet another terrain algo. and some basic physics for flight modelling. It's nothing special, and will only look right on geforce series: it's been developed and tested on a GF2 GTS.

VC6 source and Win32 EXE are available at and Press Alt+1 when you run it, to move the camera to flight mode). Cursor keys accelerate and break, stear w/ the mouse. Ctrl+Alt+1,2 and 3 change the fighter's skin, and Alt+S and AlT+1 are the two camera modes. Ctrl+W for wireframe. Apologies in advance for any bugs!

The only thing that I'm really proud of in it is the performance increase that I've got compared to my last app. I get a throughput of around 3MT/s which is much better than my previous effort. Also collision-detection doesn't kill performance as it used to before...

Tech stuff:
terrain heightmap is 512x512 split into 8x8 patches. each patch is precomputed at 64x64, 32x32, 16x16, 8x8 and 4x4. patches are organized in a quadtree for vis. culling. texturing is 2 tex single-pass with fixed-function shading - this is where non-gforce cards screw up!

Hope you like it!


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