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Inspired by Jaap's GBA screenshots from his 3d engine, I thought I'd try some raytracing on the GBA. For anyone that grew up with dos mode13 graphics programming, programming the GBA is like taking a walk in the park, really nice.

I use the 15bit Mode3, rendering times are 2-3 mins for a simple picture, and 5 times slower with supersampling on.

  • Plane and Sphere primitives
  • Phong shading
  • Shadows
  • Reflections
  • Supersampling
  • As you can see I use iGBA for emulation and I use ARM Software Development Toolkit v2.50 for compilation. The source code the be found at my homepage I have no idea if it works on the actual hardware, but if someone tries please tell me what happened.

    /Tobias Johansson

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