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With all the references to 'programmer art' as of late, I figured I would submit some of my own. This is a compilation of three drawings I did at work, generally while waiting for people to check in their code so that I could check in mine. These were all done in MS Paint and PaintShop Pro (MS Paint to draw the outlines and fill in solid colors, PaintShop Pro to do everything else). All handdrawn with a mouse and standard tools (lighten/darken/soften/smudge, etc). No filters, except for the mosaic filter on the old guy. The old guy's raincoat type thing and hand are severely unfinished, I basically ran out of time on that one and never got back to it, so they're basically a placeholder. The old guy and the gothy looking chick went through a series of transformations, the old guy was originally dead, but now he looks more or less alive. Still got some signs of decay though. He lost his earlobes somewhere along the line, and I think he's a little concerned about that, hence the wistful look on his face. The goth girl originally looked like the guy from Rocky Horror Picture Show, and was briefly a vampire, before taking on the form in this picture. She later changed into a summer goddess type creature with leafy skin and green hair, but that one's still very unfinished. The mask is the only drawing here that I started out knowing what I was going for and ended up with exactly what I wanted.


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