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Above you can see my Scriptable Particle System along with its editor. It uses STL, DirectX 8 and LUA for scripting. I was in the need of scriptable effects for a little sorcerer's fighting game and every spell 'eye-candy' I thought of is now possible. Note, that scripts for the emitter and sparks are optional. As you can see on the golden particle bowl in the lower left corner, good looking effects are possible without any scripting as well.

In the lower right corner of the editor you can see the command line, that lets you pass script commands to the system immediatly and thus experiment with parameters. Scripts loaded for the effects are buffered and then executed every frame, or at desired intervals. The ParticleSystem communicates with the script interface via a stack, so scripting the effects is very easy.

Things left to do:
* DLL plugin system for custom export formats (binary format by now)
* extend script functions

Hope it inspires,
Marius Fahlbusch

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