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This is the latest project I'm working on. It is a 3D object browser with some goodies. The browser can load and render .X files (binary,templated, and ascii style) and .ASC files. For rendering, I use OpenGL 1.3. There is also the possibility to render shaders. The Software uses Cg as HLSL and I've already got simple lighting and anisotropic lighting (although there are some problems, still with the last shader type). As you can see, you can watch the model in solid or wireframe style.

You can use the mouse to move the object around it's axis (x,y,z), like in the most other 3D object browsers as well. At the moment I'am working on a beta version (and there is still much work to do). There is a 3D object history in the treeview on the left, that shows you the most important infos about the model at a glance, and a window for the sourcecode of the shader (if you load one). Perhaps I combine this software with my Shader editor (Beta as well), then I had the ability to write (vertex)shader in realtime and watch them on the model. I think I will make this project open source one time (if somebody is interested in, of course), but first I have to make it neat and tidy.

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