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Syntonic Dentiforms is a demo (non-interactive program that shows realtime graphics and plays some music). We (Nesnausk! team and a couple of friends) did it on our spare time for fun and experience. The demo was developed during Feb-Mar 2004. We took it to Breakpoint'04 demoparty in Germany, it got 6th place (out of 22).

The demo features:
  • Graphics effects, with several fallback paths (for pixel shader 2.0, 1.4 and 1.1 hardware):
  • per-pixel diffuse/specular lighting (without bumpmaps),
  • realtime shadows with limited self-shadowing ("Robust Object-ID shadows", S.Dietrich, ShaderX2),
  • multiple planar reflections,
  • postprocessing effects (cartoon style via several color transforms/edge-detection and Bloom for glow).
  • Animations were actually authored, so there's no realtime physics at all :)
  • In code we made heavy use of DirectX9 and some of it's cool features (notably Effects Framework).
  • Links:
  • Download it from:!.zip
  • Comments at
  • Some more info and screenshots:
  • Nesnausk! team homepage:
  • Paulius LIEKIS aka OneHalf

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