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This is a screenshot of a Weapons Platform exploding in our upcoming game "Shadow Stars: The Ventrui Belt".

On the technical side, there's not lots going on... Simple particle system (billboarded particles, CPU calculated, with rotation) ejecting from a emitter that's the surface of the mesh itself, while some "light-beams" Star Wars-like spread out from the objects centroid. The hard part was making the animation not stall the rendering pipeline (since I'm updating the vertex buffers every frame), but that was solved interleaving the vertex buffer update with the animation system, before rendering occurred... If all goes well (in my tests, they go!), the bus transfer finishes well before all game physics, etc, runs...


For honor... For kingdom...

A terrible weapon is being built on the Tarwyne-controlled Ventrui asteroid belt. A war fleet is sent in, but after a disastrous information leak, it is utterly destroyed, with the exception of a crippled Mjolnir cruiser and the Warfyr family´s latest weapon: the Warblade general purpose fighter. Fast, maneuverable and with enough firepower to challenge even a mighty Doombringer, the Warblade is all that stands in the way of a Tarwyne new secret weapon that could shatter the delicate power balance in the Shadow Stars.

Be Gabriel Warfyr, the 3rd in royal line of the Warfyr family as he pursues a goal that could ultimately lead to the victory or downfall of the Warfyr family.

Shadow Stars: The Ventrui Belt is an action game featuring arcade space combat against hordes of enemies:
  • Advanced 3d graphics
  • Spectacular visual effects
  • Realistic flight model
  • Action-oriented gameplay
  • 18 missions, including objectives as convoy strafing, elusion and cruiser attacks
  • Pitch the Warblade against several different enemies, with different tactics and vessels
  • Navigate treacherous asteroid fields inside nebulae
  • Destroy installations on asteroids
  • Play random quick missions of increasing difficulty and beat your own limits
  • Adaptable LOD (Level Of Detail) system to suit your computer´s limits without detracting the game experience
  • Awesome classic/techno soundtrack to heat you up in battle and relax you between them
  • Amazing 3d sound adding to the game immersion
  • Game website:
    Spellcaster Studios website:

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