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What you can see here are some screenshots of an image viewer I'm writing. It is called ddsview and is specialized in viewing dds files. Not all internal dds formats are supported, but nearly all that are in common use and more than in any other image viewer I've seen (for example, read/write support for ati2n/3dc or Doom3s normal map format) - that's why I wrote this app. The viewer can view (and write) several formats besides dds - png, jpg, dds, xpm, gif, hdr (that's Radiance's High Dynamic Range format if you don't know it), sun, pnm, ...

The topmost shot is showing off ddsview's cubemap view feature for viewing dds cubemaps (it's also possible to view the different mipmaps in a dds file and all the different slices of a 3d texture dds file).

The second row shows (in this order) the rgb channels of a png, it's alpha channel, and the rgb alphablended with a checkerboard background.

The last shot demonstrates the tile view feature, so you can easily see if the current image is tilable.

Further features:
  • fullscreen view
  • display color below cursor
  • ...
  • You can get ddsview for free and with source code from It's still being developed, so feel free to send suggestions. And tell me if you are good in GLX 1.3, then you could help me with some issues I'm having with the linux port ;)

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