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This is a little bit update version of my experimental voxel space engine, it's using now GLUT instead of LibAUX, also i've put FOG, and was adjusting colors and other stuff. Next thing i will do is mixing more than one texture into heightfield (currently only one is used). My idea is using OpenGL to gain the same quality of my previous software engine at

Currently this engine (384KB) can be downloaded from

Though it's experimental, and not 6DOF, it can be used for writting some RETRO fighters, or just simple heightfield viewer.

Heightfield is 1024x1024, but actually 2048x2048, becuase i've done mipmaps for it (non-uniform). Cause algorigthm used is using heightfield slicing (like texture mapping), and there will be aliasing when a lot of height field pixels must be skipped, so i've put mipmapping.

Source is available on request at or

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