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ClusterGL is a Real Time Ray Tracing library with an OpenGL like API, developed at University Of Salerno by Rosario De Chiara and Ugo Erra.

The CPU power needed to obtain real time performance with an computationally heavy algorithm such as real time, is provided by a cluster made up six PCs (PIII 650Mhz) on a 1.28Gbit LAN(Myrinet) under Linux.

ClusterGL uses the SEADS (Spatially Enumerated Auxiliary Data Structure) to speed up the ray-triangle intersection and obtain a load balancing among the nodes. ClusterGL can manage shaded, mirrored, trasparent triangles and colored light.

In ClusterGL is implemented a subset of OpenGL commands that permits fast traslations for simple OpenGL sources. ClusterGL is full CPU power no 3d accellerator needed.

More to come:
  • Texture mapping
  • etc...
  • Contact address:
    Rosario De Chiara
    Ugo Erra
    ClusterGL Team

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