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This is a project S16 (Sykorsky-16), a flight simulator of the 1st World War.

Here is a brief info about the engine:

Physical engine (developing): --- Aircraft physics engine:
  • Based upon rigid body dynamics and aerodynamics.
  • Collision uses collision convex volumes
  • Areodynamics uses an active planes for forces computation
  • Almost any model of aircraft can be simulated
  • Graphic engine (developing), uses Direct3D: --- Terrain render engine:
  • Maximum terrain sector size: 2048x2048. Final size of sector file up to 1Mb (100*100 Kilometers of terrain is about 100Mb (with terrain detail 10 Meters))
  • Terrain block size: up to 32 map pixels
  • Terrain shaded with lightmaps. Terrain casts shadows.
  • Bump mapping
  • Terrain render uses Pixel Shaders, 4 texture stages: 1 - Light map; 2 * User defined textures; 3 - Generated grass\cliff\snow textures; 4 - User defined bump mapping
  • Unlimited count of trees and reasonable framerates (about 100 fps without water (Forest square is about 10*10 Kilometers)). Rendered with shadow maps. The size of result file does not depend upon quantity of trees. The engine uses 3 types of render techniques, which depend on optimization factor:

    1st - detail trees render (sphere trees technique or tree models), distance 500m
    2nd - imposter trees via VertexShader (integrated into VertexShader)+Bump map, distance 2Km
    3rd - planar tree maps+Bump map, distance - unlimited
  • Dynamical sky lighting (24 hours), background cubemap support also.
  • Clouds. Use billboards.
  • Lakes. Uses offset bump mapping for fast computation. Dynamical reflection, transparency, specular highlights, fresnel effect as well.
  • --- Model render engine
  • Bump mapping with specular highlights
  • Of course, blended bones for animation
  • Uses PixelShaders
  • Shadow volumes computation via VertexShaders
  • Developed under VC6.0,

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