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Here is a screenshot from our first, just released, shareware screensaver called World Saver 3D. Here's the product blurb:

"World Saver 3D is a new, unique, fully-featured 3D Windows screensaver by It features a beautifully rendered 3D world slowly spinning against a backdrop of stars, including the Sun, correctly positioned in relation to the Earth. You can mark the location of hundreds of major cities around the world and show their names if you desire. But World Saver 3D is more than this. It also allows you to tell at a glance the approximate time at any location on the globe!"

This was a major product for us, there were very many issues to handle, including:
  • jpg decompression from a resource
  • registration codes
  • anti-piracy security
  • longitude/latitude data
  • seasonal calculations
  • serious performance optimization
  • significant use of the registry
  • quite a lot of configuration options
  • fast, efficient moving text
  • installer/uninstaller
  • registration service
  • obtaining diagnostics from the end-user
  • many others...
  • In retrospect, it was too much to chew on at once. Going from freeware to shareware is a big step in itself, I advise you to do this with a very small product first !

    Please download and try the free trial from

    Thanks for any feedback -

    Mean Fox

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