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Yes. You're right. This is Konoko, indeed.

Directly hacked out of ONI from Bungie, one of my favorite PC games despite some major flaws. That game frustrated me as much as I enjoyed playing it - read: a hell of a lot. So as a revenge I took the liberty to hack my way through the file format, cut the whole thing to pieces, and here's my new pet project: KONOKO PAYNE !! guessed it, that means ONI with the swell moves + a bullet-time mode (absolutely compulsory for such a game!) + all the special graphic stuff we like, and which lacks from the original game (shadows, shaders, more polygons in characters, yadayada).

Ok, I'll probably never finish such a daunting project (we waited for both games many years and I want to mix the two all alone? DOH...!) but it was cool enough for an IOTD ! :)

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