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The first screenshot is a picture of a modeller that I started writing about 2 years ago, and occasionally add to. It's called 'poido', which is short for 'pointy dough'. It's written in C and uses DirectX 3 but all of the rendering is done in software.

Apart from polygonal modelling functionality, it also features a built in ray tracer which can use octree or uniform space subdivision, a keyframable skeletal animation system, subdivision surfaces, pixel pushing tools, a uv mapper, and a sound editor. One file can contain many different models, bitmaps etc, so that it is easy to quickly navigate and edit the resources for a game. It has a very minimal visual interface. Most operations are performed with weird keyboard combinations and by typing in strings of text, so it feels a bit like EMACS.

I wrote poido as a general game development tool, but so far I've mostly just used it to push pixels. The second screenshot is a game made using poido, which is called 'Zen Puzzle Garden'. It's a shareware puzzle game, where the player controls a monk who has to rake Japanese rock gardens. You can get the demo from my website: It features simulated ribbon effects (using a simplified 1D spring mass system), Wolf3D style wall rendering (on a very small scale), and lots of sand.. and rocks.


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