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I am Ferry Marcellis Lead Programmer of Quest3D and I created this picture with Quest3D. It is a screenshot of a screensaver that is also available for download. The image uses a model exported from 3dsmax that I loaded in the lightwave 5.6 modeler. There I remodeled most of the car so that it was a little more useable for real-time work. I removed non visible surfaces and made sure that surfaces that have a lot of polygons where remodeled completely. In this way I managed to reduce the main car from 65000 polygons to 44000 polygons. Then I created a reflection version of the model that is completly striped from anything that is not visible in the reflection. The reflection model is 16000 polygons. Then I used Quest3D to load the reduced models texture them and created the spline based camera movement. There are two point lights in the scene. With code to detect mouse collision over an object the menus where created. A particle engine is used for the little flame. The 3d menus control the light and color settings of the car and together you have a sportscar screensaver. The car reflection is created using the D3DXMatrixReflect function of dx8. The sports cars main body has a two textures one texture that is white and uses an alpha channel to show the basic car color. The other texture is a picture of a lake which also uses an alpha image to be a little less visible. In this way the diffuse color of the car can still be used instead of using a texture for the color of the car.

Hope you like the pic and the screensaver. The screensaver can be downloaded from the site. Since the whole scene is about 65000 polygons a ht&l accelerator is recommended.


Ferry Marcellis

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