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Here are a few screenshots of SPACE an action/adventure game currently under development. In SPACE (that's just a temporary name until I come up with something else), you play as a freelance starship captain around the year 2314. I'm not going into details about the story line because, a.) most of it's still a closely guarded secret, and b.) the basic theme of the game can be seen at my website.

So anyway, the SPACE engine uses OpenGL to render both 2D and 3D objects. The engine is actually a 2D/3D hybrid meaning that the terrain and units are all 2D (well, actually a 3D quad, but still flat), while other objects such as the tall buildings and the trees are all 3D. The engine is capable of rendering very large worlds (right now the largest area is about 7*7 screens, but the engine can handle a lot more) giving the player an incredible amount of freedom to wander around and blow stuff up.

SPACE gives the player a ton of freedom while playing. There are two types of combat in this game: space (outer-space), and land combat, and the player will be doing a lot of both. In space combat, the player pilots their ship, usually to another planet, however there are many times throughout the game where a major fleet battle will take place. There are also several enemy ships flying around, so you'll run into them soon enough. The player can also purchase newer, and better ships whenever the player has enough money.

When fighting on land, the player can choose from a variety of weapons to use... anything from assault rifles, to rocket launchers, to energy pistols. Also, there are many drivable vehicles in the game that the player can grab and drive around in. These vehicles include four wheel drive Light Attack Vehicles, and even hover ships.

SPACE also uses OpenAL for it's 3D sound engine. I was actually amazed at how simple it was to incorporate OpenAL into this project, and doing so allows the game to play several sound effects at once and even position these sounds in 3D. So if, for example, an enemy shoots to the right of your screen, it will actually sound like it came from the right of you.

In addition to all of this, SPACE also has a custom made scripting engine which allows me (or the end user) to easily create and incorporate story lines and more dynamic maps very easily. But I'm not going into what a scripting engine is, since you all know this anyway.

Like I mentioned above, more information about the game itself can be found at my website (URL below).

Walter O. Krawec

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