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I always wondered what a depth buffer could look. I had a good idea but i thought that actually see one could be cool. So here is my little 2 cents to the IOTD afficionados :).

The engine being developped under OpenGL, i used the glReadPixels to extract the raw depth buffer data then some resampling are needed to get RGB values. I used the devil image lib ( to save the final data. The pic where white visually means far array is the actual one, the other one was cool enough to be showed too ;)

The image is taken from my current personnal game project Djidjoo ( Except that the landscape geometry can be modified in real time with the mouse, the engine has no exciting feature. It's a very simple/basic engine using very well known OpenGL techs (Vertex Array + strips, multitexturing, lighting), 3ds ( and md3 files are used for objects/characters. Some state variables can be enabled/disabled/configured through a console.

I only hope to release the final game one day :).


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