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G-Spot Tornado is a top-down arcade style shooter developed by myself and two classmates; Jeremy Hardy and Graem Clark, while studying at Arts Institute of Burnaby-Vancouver. We developed this small game from start to finish in just under a month and a half, using DirectX 9.0b. The name comes from a Frank Zappa song that inspired us to create the frenzied gameplay. Technically there are no new techniques for rendering, and no vertex/pixel shaders to speak of. Gameplay consists of you controlling a little spaceship that is bound to stay within the borders of each level, and must fend off the hordes of enemy space aliens that wander into your vicinity. Lots of blasting, particles and a killer retro soundtrack make the game fun to sit down, play and finish in 5 minutes. I don't have a website to post the game up on, however if you email me I'll be happy to send you the 3.5 meg zip.

Update: You can download a copy of the game here: GSpotTornado.rar (2.8mb)

-Ryan Gaule

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