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These are shots from an older version of our engine, we call her Walhalla. The shots are taken from a tech demo we made to test and demo the capabilities of the engine. The whole scene that was created has over 150k polys and full dynamic lighting and positioning.
  • The upper left shot features a scene where a keyframed robot with about 5k polys picks up a glowing object from a spawner and puts it into the blue ball thing you see at the left side of the picture. The ball is transfered over objects.
  • The upper right shot shows a head floating over some socket thing. Our artist created the head from a NURBS surface in MAX. The surface was then exported with our own inhouse exporter plugin and is tesselated by the engine at load time (including texture coordinates and correct normals). The new version will feature Bezier surfaces.
  • The lower right shot is taken from the end of the demo. Our camera flies through a scene with objects along a TCB spline path. The scene was assembled in MAX and the splinepath was exported from MAX, too. The rune itself is created with NURBS, like the head.
  • The lower left shot is another shot from the demo scene. The white square in the corner is a false color image of the occlusion buffer we use for our culling algo. You can clearly see the bridge and parts of the wall from the background. You also notice that parts of the scene are not shown in the buffer, this is because we flag objects that shall function as occluders.
  • Currently, we are working on a full redesign of the engine for DX8 and adding a few features like skins and the like.

    Hendrik Grüne & Bastian Clarenbach
    Code & Engine Design
    Ascaron GmbH
    GERMANY ;)

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