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These real-time images are taken from the Blueberry3D terrain visualisation toolkit. We are currently expanding Blueberry3D to a game engine, and it already contains a host of exciting features:
  • All terrain geometry is procedural (True dynamic detail adjustment to keep constant FPS)
  • Better computer or lower FPS yields more detail.
  • Procedural geometry includes
  • Bushes, trees and other vegetation
  • Roads (splines, adopts surrounding terrain for seamless integration, even in very uneven surroundings)
  • Rivers, water streams
  • Fences, walls
  • Layered ground (dirt, mud, rock, grass etc)
  • OpenGL and DirectX 8 support
  • Complete editor with support for many formats (including DEM, 3DS, PNG, JPEG and Shape)
  • Scriptable physics engine
  • Scriptable entity system
  • Advanced weather effects (Wind, rain, snow, lightning etc)
  • Volumetric shadows and light (flashlights, headlights etc)
  • Environmental effects (water reflections, sun haze, volumetric fog etc)
  • Sound
  • Car racing game in developement, available fourth quarter 2002.
  • This game is a totally new approach to driving games; wait and see...

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