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For our graduation project (at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands) we are working on an interactive non-photorealistic renderer. About 5000 brush strokes are used to create the image. Brush strokes are textured alpha-blended OpenGL quads. Properties of the brush strokes (like orientation, size, color) are determined by ray-tracing the scene, which is a simple 3ds model. We use KD-trees per mesh object to accelerate ray-triangle intersection tests. To rapidly find the intersections for the primary rays we render the scene in OpenGL with object ids, which are subsequently read back from the frame buffer. In this way we know for each pixel location the corresponding first hit object. Brush strokes are distributed evenly across the screen to minimize gaps and number of required strokes. On top of the standard Phong lighting model we have implemented rim shading and hue shifting. For more information visit

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