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After the fall of Acclaim, I had a bit of free time and whipped up this game for some fun. The game is called CaveIn. It is based on an idea I had a while back when I was coding demos for the GBA and I decided to take it "3D". It is a puzzle game where the player pushes around rocks placed in the level or that have fallen during a panic mode to make three or more rocks of the same color touch causing them to crumble and score points. Besides for pushing the rocks, the player can also give the rocks a kick sending them flying.

The rendering uses a fairly simple set of wrapper classes for Direct3D and the world is constructed using 3D tiles. The 3D tiles were created in 3Dmax and converted to the X format. Planar shadows are using a simple method of constructing a world matrix that flattens and skews the mesh across a plane. Currently, the objects use their own mesh as a shadow mesh and I am not using the stencil buffer yet to get rid of the noticeable z-fighting. Lastly, I am doing half of the toon rendering trick (scale and front face culling) to give objects the outline.

John Styes

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