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This picture is from my latest (and first) game named "catapults". The game was written using Delphi/Kylix and SDL (I made it to the SDL competition). The general idea of the game is the same as in "contact 4" but with a twist (its realtime and with sheeps ;)

My engilsh is not the best so ill cut this short, the main features are:
  • Runs under linux and windows. (The lower images, KDE (left) and Gnome (right))
  • Has music and SoundFX.
  • The game takes less then 1MB on disk ! (SDL contest)
  • Toggle screen mode, full-screen/windowed.
  • 3 level of AI.
  • 2 game mode, real-time and "classic"
  • and its FREE ! :)
  • you can download the game from: (no site yet..)

    Hope you like it !


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