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Fandango is a hobby project I have been working on the last year. I expect it will someday be an useful CAD program.

It has a python driven commandline, a memory core and a OpenGL renderer. The lowest level commands are written on C++ inside of the app; that includes control of the vertex stack and linked lists, on the fly calculation of normals, etc. The interface functions are then exposed to python to make them available for the commandline interpreter.

The core holds arrays of vertex, normals and texture coordinates that are when needed passed to glDrawArrays et al.

The included screenshot is the couple of a parallel sine transformation and a radial one over a plane. The fandango command to create it is 'mix(func, func, 1, 7)'. Texture mapping is enabled into it using 'texture(1)'. Notice that it uses the colors suggested on the included README.

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