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  How To Compile DirectX Programs With GCC
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This Tip of the day is aimed at setting up GCC so you can create DirectX programs with it. Since I did this quite a couple of times now here is how to do it:

  • (1) GCC. Suppose you have a working version of either MinGW32 or Dec-C++ installed. MinGW32 is a straightforward port (command-line only) of GCC for Windows (, Dev-C++ is a free graphical IDE that uses GCC as compiler engine ( I will refer to GCCDIR where your have GCC installed for example c:\mingw or c:\devc.
  • (2) The DirectX SDK either version 7 or version 8. At the very minimum you need the DirectX include files, but I don't know if you can get them separately from Microsoft.
  • (3) Import libraries converted to the GCC format. Go to the following page, it explains how to do it yourself or get some precompiled ones ( or

  • Installation:
  • (1) Copy all DirectX include files (name ****.h) to the GCC include directory (GCCDIR\include).
  • (2) Copy all DirectX import libraries (name lib****.a) to the GCC lib directory (GCCDIR\lib).
  • For DirectX8 (3) Put the line "#define HMONITOR_DECLARED" at the top of the file GCCDIR\include\windef.h
  • (4) Put the line "typedef unsigned int *UINT_PTR;" at the top of the file GCCDIR\include\wtypes.h

  • Usage:
  • Write DirectX-Code normally. Then when it comes to compiling, for any #include <****.h> that you did in the source files put the linker option "-l****" into the command line. For instance, #include <d3dim.h> and link with "-ld3dim". If you refer to GUID in your code, also link with "-ldxguid".

  • That's about it.
    Have fun,

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