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  Pluecker Class
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The plucker class, in one file. Pretty easy to understand. This code is now in the public domain.

Download Associated File: plucker.h (2,889 bytes)

#ifndef _HPluckerH_
#define _HPluckerH_

#include "vector.h"

class HQRPlucker { public: HQRPlucker() {} HQRPlucker(HQRVector* origin,HQRVector* second) { //Origin, first point, second, second point on line->Not direction //No nasty cases, can use as constructor MakePluckerFromVec(origin,second); }

inline bool RetVectorLine(HQRVector* retval) { //Retval[0] = Direction, Retval[1] = Line Point (Closest to origin) if (!GrassmanCheck()) return false; //Not real line, can't return vectors retval[0].Copy(m_coords); //First Vector is direction retval[1].VecCrossProduct(m_coords[0],m_coords[1]); retval[1].Scale(1/(m_coords[1].VecDotProduct(m_coords[1]))); //Divide, because homogenous coord return true; }

inline bool MakePluckerFromPlanes(HQRPlane* pone,HQRPlane* ptwo) { //NOTE; Returns false if planes parallel -> Degenerate Case can't use as constructor if ((ptwo->Normal()->VecDotProduct(*pone->Normal()))==1) return false; HQRVector temp; //NOTE; Scalar is the D value to the plane m_coords[0].VecCrossProduct(*ptwo->Normal(),*pone->Normal()); m_coords[1].CopyWithScale(ptwo->Normal(),pone->Scalar()); temp.CopyWithScale(pone->Normal(),ptwo->Scalar()); m_coords[1].subtract(temp); return true; } inline void MakePluckerFromVec(HQRVector* Q,HQRVector* P) { //Q vector is first vector, P is second vector in directed line m_coords[0].Copy(P); m_coords[0].subtract(*Q); m_coords[1].VecCrossProduct(*P,*Q); }

inline float PDotProduct(HQRPlucker* against) { //Performs dot product with "against" and this. return (m_coords[0].VecDotProduct(against->Coords(1)) + m_coords[1].VecDotProduct(against->Coords(0))); }

inline bool PSideTest(HQRPlucker* against) { //Does a dotproduct, returns true if ccw orientation/intersection, false if cw. if (PDotProduct(against)<0) return false; return true; }

inline HQRVector Direction() {return m_coords[0];} //Direction inline HQRVector* Coords() {return m_coords;} //Pointer to coords inline HQRVector Coords(unsigned int n) {return m_coords[n];} //Coords by number inline bool GrassmanCheck() { //Returns true if real line. if (EpCheck(PDotProduct(this))) return true; return false; }

inline bool TriangleHit(HQRPlucker** edges) { //Returns True if this line stabs the triangle (3 edges) bool result; result=(PDotProduct(edges[0])<0); if (result!=(PDotProduct(edges[1])<0)) return false; if (result!=(PDotProduct(edges[2])<0)) return false;

return true; }

inline bool PolyHit(HQRPlucker** edges,unsigned int numedges) { //Returns True is this line stabs the polygon (numedge) of edges bool result;

result=(PDotProduct(edges[0])<0); for (unsigned int ii=1; ii<numedges; ii++) { if (result!=(PDotProduct(edges[ii])<0)) return false; } return true; } private: HQRVector m_coords[2]; //The coords. };


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