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  openSE Pixel Engine
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openSE, my little pixel engine.

Here is my surface engine that i wrote for a ray-tracer project i'm working on. It's gives you a pixel surface, in video memory ( just like good old times ) to write to. The format of the surface is 32-bit RGB888. The package includes fast color manipulation routines optimised in mmx-assembler and a mm timer. This engine is small in size, free to use, free to modify, easy to use and linked to a static library, just for YOUR convenience. The size of this engine is small, because i'm going to use it in 64kb demos, therefore it isn't packed with many fancy features. It just includes the basic stuff that you certainly will need. The engine is built on the top of Direct Draw, and you must have DirectX 7 to get it work. The samples are written in a way that even newbies going to understand them. The converters, the idea and one of the examples is copied from tinyPTC. But this engine gives you oo, fast color manipulation and a timer, its also easier to use because it links as a static library. I hope you guys find it somewhat useful, i will use it in my next demo. Sorry no documentation finished yet. But the samples will get you going...... Excuse my bad English, / maq Marcus Stjärnås
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